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We’ve had the chance to speak with dozens of successful professionals from the transportation industry about their advice for the next generation workforce. We asked questions like, "What would you say to students who are thinking about careers in transportation?" and "What were some of the things that helped you along your career path?" Deciding it might be helpful to condense some of that great wisdom into a list, we present you with the following “10 Keys to Succeed"...Read More.


imageEngineer Your Own Success

Education will be a key to success for opportunity-seekers in some of the future’s most dynamic and rewarding career industries, like transportation.
Today, higher education has been shown to lead to benefits in the workforce like better pay and a wider array of career options. And considering the number of ways that college can be affordable, it’s an attainable goal for any student with the right amount of determination....Read More.


image An Industry with Options

When it comes to opportunities in the job market, transportation is an exciting industry for today’s future workforce, experts say. The demand for skilled professionals in an astonishing variety transportation-related careers is only expected to rise in the coming years and decades, and students from nearly any discipline, from science to business, can get set to ride the wave to career opportunity...Read More.


imageThe Power to Make an Impact

We’ve come a long way since the horse and buggy, but for a very long time, that was the fastest, most efficient mode of transportation available. Just think about that for a second, then think about the places you’ve been today and how you got there. Did you drive a car? Take a bus or a subway? Ride your bike? Now imagine that all of those modes of transportation and the infrastructure supporting them disappear�cars, buses, streets�and you’ll have an idea of the size and importance ....Read More.


image Cruising Your Career Path

From engineering to public administration, the nearly unlimited diversity of transportation careers makes it an industry worth exploring for any of today’s future-minded students. Building roads and bridges is just the tip of the iceberg. Transportation spans sectors like environmental science, distribution and logistics, economics, government�and the list keeps going. When you’re talking about an industry that keeps billions of people...Read More.


image Moving Toward the Future

Are you a deep thinker? Problem-solver? Do you live to learn, to discover? Do you love to teach and inform others? Do you dream of benefitting society with your intellect, skills and talents? Answer yes to any of these questions, and you might consider exploring a career in transportation research. In a nutshell, transportation researchers use the scientific method to solve problems and generate innovations that meet society’s transportation needs for the present and the future. ....Read More.



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