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We’ve come a long way since the horse and buggy, but for a very long time, that was the fastest, most efficient mode of transportation available. Just think about that for a second, then think about the places you’ve been today and how you got there. Did you drive a car? Take a bus or a subway? Ride your bike? Now imagine that all of those modes of transportation and the infrastructure supporting them disappear—cars, buses, streets—and you’ll have an idea of the size and importance of the nation’s transportation system. It’s tied into the fabric of our everyday lives and has huge social, economic and environmental significance. Because of this, people who work in transportation are in a position to have a direct impact on everyone’s daily lives in many different ways.


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Think about an important issue like highway safety: Millions of people use the transportation system each day, and transportation professionals are in charge of finding ways to keep accidents and injuries to a minimum. And due to the efforts of transportation professionals, including vehicle designers, road planners, engineers and others, the nation has seen a steady decline in road fatalities over the past few decades.


The environment is another example of an area where transportation and transportation professionals have a huge impact. Emissions from cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicles not only reduce air quality, but also pump carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing, according to most scientists, to global climate change. But engineers, environmental scientists and many other transportation specialists are coming up with amazing ways to work to reduce those emissions through amazing new vehicle designs, alternative energy, cleaner fuel and more stringent emissions regulations.


The transportation system is at the heart of every community, and when you consider all of the different ways in which it affects people's lives, from getting goods to the shelves at a grocery store to providing a safe and fast way for people to get to work every day, you begin to see that it's really a unique industry. Transportation is about helping people and having an impact on the quality of life in a community, and professionals working in any of its sub-fields will say that one of the best, most satisfying aspects of their job is that they have the opportunity to make life better for the people and communities they serve. And there are so many different careers to choose from in the industry--from road construction to government--that there's probably a place for anyone looking for a career that can change the world.


So the question is, where would you make a difference? How could you apply your talents and interests to serve the community and change the lives of millions for the better? Chances are, the transportation industry could use you.

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