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Education will be a key to success for opportunity-seekers in some of the future’s most dynamic and rewarding career industries, like transportation.

Today, higher education has been shown to lead to benefits in the workforce like better pay and a wider array of career options. And considering the number of ways that college or trade school can be affordable, it’s an attainable goal for any student with the right amount of determination. But instead of thinking of college as the very first step on the path to a career, students can benefit in numerous ways by being proactive about their middle and high school educations as they prepare for what’s over the horizon. Transportation is just one of many career industries where global challenges and opportunities like clean energy, the economy and the march of technology will create the demand for a skilled, well-educated future workforce proficient in both basic and advanced subjects like math, written and verbal communication, and economics to keep pace with the changing world. This means that for today’s career-minded students, middle and high school may be the first and best opportunity to think ahead and start preparing for the job market of tomorrow. By combining elements like internet career research, extracurricular activities, and a focus on academic development, students interested in transportation or any of the future’s most in-demand careers and industries can plan ahead for success by tailoring their education, skills, and experience to meet the requirements of any career field.

Instead of thinking of middle and high school as a necessary first step to something bigger, students can benefit from thinking of it as the first step in preparing for the future job market. Throughout all the homework assignments, quizzes, social events, Nova videos, instructors, cafeteria food, and extracurricular activities, education helps students learn about their talents and interests, and where they might apply them to make a difference in tomorrow's world. By proactively exploring their various career interests and placing en emphasis on scholastic achievement during their pre-college years, students can start off college with a better notion of their educational goals and a more specific knowledge of the classes and other resources, such as internships, that will further their career development.


The future is full of opportunity, and today's middle and high school students are in a prime position to engineer their own success.

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