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imageBe Proactive

In this issue of Fast Forward you can read about a number of different extracurricular programs that give middle and high school students the chance to explore their interests in transportation, engineering, and construction hands-on. As King Gee’s story goes to show, early involvement in such programs can help middle and high school students get a head start on choosing a college major and preparing for their future careers. Not to mention, they're...Read More.


image Use Your Imagination

Imagine a futuristic city where people zip to their destinations in underground pods powered by compressed air. Julia Brewer, Hannah Peterson, and Afnan Elsheikh, students from Harding Middle School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, envisioned that virtual city for the Future City Competition, a program that gives middle schoolers across the country an opportunity to discover engineering...Read More.


image Be Inventive

Bobak Ferdowsi liked to build robots in high school. Now he is an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and helps guide the Curiosity rover over the Martian landscape. Ferdowsi, who became known for the Mohawk-style haircut he received to commemorate the rover’s landing, is also one of thousands of mentors for FIRST, an annual program that gives students the chance to design and build robots that compete against...Read More.


image Look Forward

The National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) is a program run by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) geared toward enhancing awareness of transportation industry careers among middle and high school students. In NSTI, which is available in most states across the country as well as Guam, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico, students attend camps at local universities and community...Read More.


image Explore Your Interests

The ACE Mentor Program of America gives high school students in over 200 cities across the country a chance to explore the architecture, construction, and engineering (“ACE”) industries first-hand through after-school clubs. ACE members work side-by-side with professional mentors from ACE-related industries in the surrounding community to complete every phase of a mock design and construction project...Read More.


image Get Informed

Construction Career Days (CCD) is a one or two day event where students experience firsthand what it’s like to work in the transportation construction industry. Instead of wearing dress clothes and collecting brochures like at a typical career fair, students at CCD actually perform activities like designing and load testing bridges, using surveying and GPS devices, figuring out drainage problems, and operating construction machinery and equipment...Read more.


image Get Connected

Middle or high school students interested in the possibility of a career in transportation, engineering, construction, or other fields have access to many different organizations that will help them get started down the right path as early a middle or high school. These groups can connect students with professional mentors, provide scholarship opportunities, and give students the chance to explore their favorite subjects alongside peers with whom they share common interests...Read More.

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