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Internships for Careers in Transportation


American Bus Association


Organization : American Bus Association
Paid Internship : Yes
Website :
Contact : Daniel Hoff (Director ABA Foundation) 800-283-2877


Duration : 12 weeks during the summer or a school semester


Description : In order to develop on the job training to assist students in acquiring "real world" experience, the American Bus Association Foundation offers two options for its paid internship: ABA Headquarters Internship and ABA Member Internship. The ABA Headquarters Internship is an internship experience in Washington, DC, working with the staff at the ABA offices. Work may include assisting with the Foundation newsletter, reviewing and extending Foundation programs, and assisting other staff with various projects (Marketplace show, government affairs work, etc.). The ABA Member Internship is an internship experience with an ABA member company across North America. Work will vary according to the type of company hosting the internship and that company's needs. For example, a tour bus operator may want help with scheduling and logistics while a local tourism bureau may assign destination marketing projects.




American Indian Science and Engineering Society


Organization : American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Paid Internship : Yes


Duration : 10 weeks during the summer


Description : The AISES Internship Program provides students with applied work experience and an opportunity to explore career options. Placing students in 10-week summer positions with partner agencies, the program also promotes advanced study to the graduate level and assists students in developing professional networks.




American Public Works Association


Organization : American Public Works Association
Paid Internship : Yes



Description : Jumpstart your future in public works by using APWA's WorkZone where you'll find the latest internships and job openings from across the country.




American Society of Civil Engineers


Organization : American Society of Civil Engineers
Paid Internship : Yes






Association for Women in Science


Organization : Association for Women in Science
Paid Internship : 10/hr


Location : Washington D.C.


Description : AWIS interns are invaluable to the organization. Working directly with staff and volunteer leadership, interns help fulfill the mission of AWIS by contributing to the national office operations. Our highly competitive program provides bright, innovative students with valuable knowledge and professional skills through mentorship and independent learning. In addition to their day-to-day assignments, each intern will have ownership for a project. The parameters of the project are determined by AWIS staff in consultation with the intern and are developed on the basis of the immediate needs of the organization and the interests and abilities of the intern.






Organization : COMTO


Deadline : 1/27/2013


Description : The White House is looking for interns for the Summer 2013 program. Spread the word to anyone who may be interested.




FAA (Law Honors Intern Program)


Organization : FAA (Law Honors Intern Program)
Paid Internship : No
Website :
Contact : Brett Daee (Attorney and Director, Law Honors Intern Program) 202-385-8237


Deadline : Feb. 1 for summer, Aug. 1, 2013 for fall


Description : Our diverse legal practice provides a wealth of opportunities for interested law students, and AGC is committed to offering interns a meaningful and rewarding experience. In addition to substantive assignments, our program emphasizes mentoring and career development. In the summer, students make offsite visits to local FAA and NTSB facilities and meet weekly for brown bag lunch discussion with distinguished FAA officials, outside legal practitioners, and judges.




FAA (DOT Workforce Recruitment Program for Students with Disabilities)


Organization : FAA (DOT Workforce Recruitment Program for Students with Disabilities)
Paid Internship : Yes



Description : The WRP Program offers a unique opportunity to hire highly-qualified postsecondary students and recent graduates with disabilities for either summer internship positions or for full-time permanent positions with FAA.




FAA (Minority Serving Institutions Intern Program)


Organization : FAA (Minority Serving Institutions Intern Program)
Paid Internship : Yes
Website :
Contact : Lawrence President 202-493-5185 or Mai Nguyen 202-267-9508


Duration : Dates depend on program


Description : Washington Center Internship HACU National Internship Program Wire2netllc The MSI internship program provides students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, students attending a college or university with a high percentage of Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Tribal Colleges and Universities and Students with Disabilities the opportunity to participate in internship opportunities throughout the United States.




FAA (Summer AT-CTI Paid Internship)


Organization : FAA (Summer AT-CTI Paid Internship)
Paid Internship : Yes



Description : CTI student "paid" summer internship positions will be located in the Air Traffic Organization (ATO), Systems Operations Services Division. ATO's System Operations is responsible for traffic flow management, real-time evaluation of air traffic control services and coordinator with other government agencies on air transportation security issues. We are seeking students who are currently enrolled in an approved AT-CTI undergraduate degree program to participate as an AT-CTI intern.




FHWA (Pathways Program)


Organization : FHWA (Pathways Program)
Paid Internship : Yes



Description : The Pathways Program is designed to provide students enrolled in a wide variety of educaitonal institutions, from high school to graduate level, with opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school and while getting paid for their work performed. Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible for conversion to a permanent job in the civil service.




FHWA (Summer Transportation Internship Program for Divers Groups)


Organization : FHWA (Summer Transportation Internship Program for Divers Groups)
Paid Internship : 4000-5000 for 10 weeks
Website :
Contact :


Deadline : Application for summer 2014 will become available in fall 2013


Description : The Summer Transportation Internship Program for Diverse Groups (STIPDG) provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and skills that will compliment your academic pursuits. This hands-on program is designed to mentor and cultivate tomorrow's leaders, strenghten their understanding of the transportation industry and prepare them for future public service opportunities.




Office of Inspector General


Organization : Office of Inspector General
Paid Internship : No
Website :
Contact : Anita Bonds (Legal Assistant) 202-366-8751


Deadline : March 1-April 15
Duration : June 8-August 8


Description : Our undergraduate internship provides college juniors and seniors insight into the Federal government. Interns have a unique opportunity to gain understanding of the legislative process. Interns track transortation policy in Congress, attend committee hearings, learn how Congress works, and observe the operations of the Federal government. Interns acquire first-hand experience in the relationship between the Federal government and the media. In the Office of Legal Counsel, interns will work alongside OIG attorneys, providing research and other support.




Department of Transportation


Organization : Department of Transportation



Description : The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has several internship opportunities, which are aimed at providing current high school, college, and recent college graduates with meaningful developmental and work experiences in the transportation industry.




Department of Transportation (Pathways Program)


Organization : Department of Transportation (Pathways Program)
Paid Internship : Yes
Website :
Contact : DOT Program Officer 1-888-719-9216



Description : Pathway Programs are designed to fairly and transparently recruit, hire, develop, and retain students and recent graduates through the following programs: Internship Program; Recent Graduates Program; Presidential Management Fellows Program. Pathway replaces Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) and Student Temporary Experience Program (STEP) and offers a clear path to: Paid internships for students; Careers for recent graduates; Provide training and career development for individuals starting their Federal career.






Organization : Eno
Paid Internship : 2000/mo
Website :
Contact : Kyle Kingsbery



Description : We offer internships/fellowships 3 times per year. Internships in the fall as well as winter/spring are part-time and can be used as course credit. Our full-time summer internship, officially called the Thomas J. O'Bryant Transportation Policty and Finance Fellowship, is awarded $2,000 per month. Duration of each internship appointment is 10 weeks (start and end dates to be determined in discussions with the successful candidate). Internships are awarded to students seeking their bachelor's, master's, or Ph.D. in transportation, engineering, housing, urban planning, or related degrees.




Eno (Summer 2013 Thomas J. O'Bryant Transportation Policy and Finance Fellowship


Organization : Eno (Summer 2013 Thomas J. O'Bryant Transportation Policy and Finance Fellowship
Paid Internship : 2000/mo
Website :
Contact : Kyle Kingsbery


Deadline : 3/15/2013


Description : This fellowship is designed to greater the professional development of transportation specialists. Successful applicants will gain further knowledge of transportation and infrastructure as well as an understanding of the U.S. policymaking process through the following: conducting research under the guidance of Eno staff; collaborating with transportation experts on publications; and assisting in the execution of programs conducted by Eno's Center for Transportation Leadership.




National Governors Association


Organization : National Governors Association


Location : Washington D.C.





NSPE (Milton F. Lunch Research Fellowship)


Organization : NSPE (Milton F. Lunch Research Fellowship)
Paid Internship : 8000 for 8 weeks
Website :
Contact : Joe Jones (Schinnerer's Director of Risk Management)


Deadline : 25-Jan-13
Location : Maryland


Description : The 2013 Milton F. Lunch Research Fellowship, named for the former general counsel at the National Society of Professional Engineers, is open to students of engineering, architecture, construction, and law, as well as faculty teaching practice management. The fellowship serves to increase understanding of the complex relationship between practice management, professional liability, and public policy issues. Summer 2013 in Maryland.




New York State Department of Transportation


Organization : New York State Department of Transportation
Paid Internship : Yes


Deadline : 3/31/2013
Location : New York


Description : The Student Intern Program attracts talented students from undergraduate and graduate programs at colleges and universities throughout New York State, as well as New York State residents studying elsewhere. Each intern works in a particular area within an executive branch agency or department. While providing hands-on program assistance, interns will interact with government leaders and policy-makers.






Organization : SHPE
Paid Internship : Yes








Organization : SHPE


Deadline : 2/1/2013


Description : The SHPE Foundation currently manages three highly competitive scholar-internship programs. These programs offer both a summer internship at a research facility AND a scholarship for the fall and spring semesters. These opportunities are designed to enhance and achieve the potential of Latino students, who demonstrate both significant motivation and aptitude for a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.




Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers


Organization : Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Paid Internship : Yes



Description : This area was constructed to help connect our members with new employment opportunities. Use the links below to guide you as you begin your job search. Employers and recruiters: You now have access to our specialized niche.






Organization : WTS
Paid Internship : Yes